Friday, July 14, 2017

Kanye West releasing yeezys in higher quantity

Could we soon be able to walk in our local sneaker store in the mall and pick up a pair of Yeezys? Not yet. But we're getting closer.

According to a char made by Yeezy Mafia, with each release Adidas are releasing a little more product than the sneaker before. The chart doesn't mention anything about the first version of yeezys, but the amount of stock has increased highly since the three yeezys were released for Black Friday.

Note that the chart doesn't show that a second release of the zebras had to be released to reach the numbers it did.

But we will see how much Adidas have improved on their releases when the release of the Holiday Yeezys come later this year. Definitely follow The Yeezy Mafia on all social platforms to keep up with everything Yeezy releases.


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