Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Where I Cop My Jordans.

Now this is a question that I always get asked a lot by family and friends so I decided to go ahead and address it. I know finding legit and honest places that sale REAL Jordan's isn't an easy task so I'm going to name the Top 5 places I've copped Jordan's. Remember this is solely based on my opinion and of course most of these places ship across the United States. These aren't in any particular order, they're all really good places to try and cop new/used pairs of all types of sneakers.


If you're a sneaker head then you should know exactly who I'm talking about. With over 470,000 subscribers on Youtube he's really the real deal. Luckily, we live in the same city so I normally cop my shoes from him because he sells them at a reasonable price. He also has an online shop called where he sells new/used sneakers and also other types of clothing. The best way to keep in touch with which sneakers he has up for grabs is his Instagram. PLUG: Make sure to subscribe to his Channel

Website: BullsBodega


This is a site I've ordered from quite a few times. They're based in LA  and definitely have some heat in store. They now actually have a store so if you live in or near Los Angeles then definitely stop by and shoot your shot and copping something nice. 

Website: EndangeredLA

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3.) ChillyKicks

This website runs a little differently then most. They have a subscription service where you pay a low payment of $5 a month and get real and authentic discount sneakers. I know the $5 payment may throw you off but it will be well worth it when you could cop a pair Yeezys for only $400. They normally have Sunday restocks to where you can cop them for low prices.  Definitely follow them on Instagram and see if  there's anything you like on the next restock. 

Website: ChillyKicks

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2.) EastCoastBoutique

This is another company that I've grabbed a sneaker or two from. They sell used and new sneakers and really dope prices compared to places like FlightClub. They update their Instagram and website daily to keep the rotation nice and pristine. They're also located in the Edison, New Jersey area so you could definitely save on shipping. 

Website: EastCoastBoutique

1.) SoleFoodKicks

This is probably one of my favorite sneaker consignment shops out there. They're shipping is very quick in my opinion, They normally ship them out the same day you order them. They offer a variety of sneakers from Air Jordans to Yeezys, and also offer a pre-ordering service to guarantee your pair on limited releases. The prices on the sneakers are probably the best you could run into. I copped The Air Jordan 11s Space Jams for a really dope price. They're also located in Virginia Beach and have a store so if you live in the area like me, you should definitely go and check them out! 

Website: SoleFoodKicks

Disclaimer: I am not receiving any type compensation for reviewing. This is strictly from my experience with each company/person personally.

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